Our story

Our company was founded with one goal in mind, to work with innovative and creative ideas combined with hard work and passion for our work. We took a simple business idea and added elegance to it. With time and effort we have arrived here.

We want to be unique in our business field with our ideas and the services that we provide, but most importantly we want to give our clients a complete and enjoyable experience as their dreams get turned into reality. 

This is our passion.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based around quality and luxury combined with innovative and creative design. We understand that the connection between the company and clients are essential so that is why communication is key for us. We aim to satisfy your needs and make you feel valued at every turn. For us we not only focus on the results but also the process.

About our future

Through hardwork and dedication we aim for results. That has always been our focus and will always be. With this philosophy we know that we will grow as a company and our target is to have happy clients all around the world as the ADLER BAU family grows.


The visionaries

André Kostadinov

I've always had a passion for design and construction. Throughout my life I had the pleasure of meeting many great people to compliment my visions combined with their own and with that we have reached this point.We cannot strive alone but we must strive for to evolve and that is where my passion for our company comes from.

Ömer Kilic

The process to get here was truly unique and enjoyable and we have had many ups and downs. Building a business and brand came natural for me. Although i quickly realised that no one can work alone because you need others around you to give a different perspective on things. No company is truly complete without a great group of people that hold the foundation together.